Jasper: Chemically burned.

Jasper: Chemically burned.
Jasper's owner contacted Providing for Paws asking for help with medical care. Upon pickup, it looked like a severe case of scabies mange but what they found later, they never expected...
When Jasper was admitted, it appeared that he was in shock and his temperature was 105; his body was beginning to shut down. His breathing was very labored, his eye seemed to look as if something had eaten away at it and he was a bloody mess; every wound on his body was bleeding. He was stumbling with his emaciated body and seemed very weak in the legs. According to his owners, for only two weeks, however it is not believed that this has happened in such a short time frame. The owners surrendered Jasper once a foster placement was found.
After being taken to the Emergency Veterinary Hospital of Ann Arbor, Dr. Ruland said she has never seen scabies mange bleed as much as Jasper's is, and therefore is not so sure that is what they are dealing with. Well...it was not mange. After shaving him down and cleaning him up in surgery, Jasper has burns covering 60% of his body. Dr. Ruland stated that she was trying to find anything else this could be besides what she suspected, however after ruling out any kind of mange, autoimmune diseases, flea allergies and everything else, she has come to the decision that Jasper has a chemical burn. She is sending in a skin biopsy to confirm, however at this point, this is in no way scabies mange.
Hendrick Boards created this campaign to raise the funds needed for Jasper's care . With each and every purchase, Hendrick Boards will donate $10.00 to save Jasper. With your help, we can help better another life. Donate, buy a shirt, share!
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