Save Liberty Apron

Save Liberty Apron

“Take her to the back, they said”. Staff at the shelter wanted to euthanize her. They said she was too sick to stay in their shelter. One brave volunteer decided to step up and she reached out to the nonprofit Dallas Dog RRR.

Rescuers rushed to the shelter knowing time of was of the essence. While she was being transported rescuers syringed 40cc of fluids and started her on a feeding schedule. She arrive at the Emergency Clinic where her temperature was below 95. Liberty is underweight, her skin is raw and bloody. Her initial blood work was extremely concerning and she needed an emergency blood transfusion. Rescuers have named her Liberty because of being found on 4th of July.

UPDATE 7-15-19: On Liberty's way to the Emergency Vets she received 40 cc of fluids. Her temperature was extremely low and she received a blood transfusion. Her emaciated body is covered in infection and hard as a rock. Liberty's blood transfusion was a success but the infection covering her body is still healing. She has been receiving around the clock care and is now at her medical foster! Thank you to her caregivers and all of you who have helped us sponsor her ongoing vetting.

This type of care will cost thousands and thousands of dollars for Dallas Dog RRR and I wanted to help sponsor that care. We have created the animal saving products you see below to help Liberty! No animal should ever have to suffer like this again. She will be headed to a medical foster in Dallas.

Please pray for this baby Liberty and If you can I ask that you help me sponsor her! I created a custom apron with a drawing of Liberty to sponsor her vet bills. Our premium Linen Aprons are  33" x 25" with large front pocket and stainless steel strap holder. 

This product delivers a $5.00 donation with every purchase.
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