Save Lizzie Mug

Save Lizzie Mug

It is very difficult to put words together to explain this case. Lizzie was found on the side of the road in Texas by a volunteer Patricia and her husband. It was by chance that she was seen. Lizzie is so ill, so malnourished that she could barely stand. She was able to pull her body to the road where she collapsed inside a ditch. Her breathing lowered and heartbeat slowed and she passed out.

The sweet couple were driving when they spotted her tiny body in a ditch. It is as if Lizzie was brought to the road on the wings of angels. She was rushed to the ICU were doctors have started to stabilize her in Houston, Texas. Lizzie is so emaciated and infested with fleas. She has no hair and body has scabs. Her eyes are infected and covered in pus. She had a life saving blood transfusion to save her life.

UPDATE 7-12-19: Electrolytes are unstable and her calcium is high. Refeeding Syndrome is a concern and she is not out of the woods yet. Keep praying

UPDATE 7-14-19: Lizzie is still hospitalized in critical condition. Lizzie’s doctor called rescuers to let them know her numbers are making slow progress. Keep praying for our special girl. Although Lizzie is still not out of the woods, she perks up when she see her angels. Each day brings her is the right direction.

UPDATE 7-17-19: Her levels are stable but she will need repetitive tests every few days to make sure her blood counts don’t drop. Each day brings Its great to see that her numbers are progressing. She is still on a strict feeding schedule and her skin continues to heal.

UPDATE 7-20-19: Because of your love and support Lizzie has a future ahead of her! She is defying the odds. This little warrior took every ounce of the last strength she had to peer her head from the woods! It’s as if she could feel this was her chance, and it was indeed! She has a long road ahead of her BUT Lizzie has exited the hospital and to her medical foster.

This type of care will cost in the thousands and that is not funds that rescuers at New York Bully Crew has! We are sponsoring Lizzie's ICU care with a custom apron I made. I ask that, if you can, please consider purchasing one of these Save Lizzie aprons and help rescuers save her!

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