Max: Thrown from a balcony breaking his teeth.

Max: Thrown from a balcony breaking his teeth.

Little puppy Max was rushed to KC Pet Project by a Kansas City, Missouri animal control officer after he sustained life-threatening injuries. His former owner reported Max was deliberately thrown off the balcony of a home in Kansas City. 

It gets worse. Little Max's leg was fractured with bones shooting in every direction. The blunt force was so hard that many of his front teeth were knocked out. The teeth that are left are fractured and cracked. Can you imagine the pain? I can't even handle getting a cavity filled. It doesn't end there. His lungs are bruised from the fall making it hard for him to breathe. 

Their veterinary team applied a splint to his fractured leg and we've been managing his pain, but Max will need to have orthopedic surgery soon to repair the damage to his leg, followed by recovery in a foster home until his leg and lungs are healed before he is ready for a new home. The Kansas City Missouri Police Department is actively working on the case to ensure cruelty charges will be filed against the person who intentionally hurt little Max. 

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