Save Miller Tote

Save Miller Tote

Miller almost died! He had his emergency amputation surgery and around 5:22am Miller went into respiratory arrest. HE STOPPED BREATHING! His heart slowed to 10bpm! Doctors were losing him! The critical care team immediately began their efforts and were able to revive him! Miller is now in the CCU and on pain medications for the full limb amputation. He also received another transfusion to support his healing. Please pray for Miller and help if you can.

Miller was seen wandering in the Houston TX area. He hobbled up on a porch and collapsed. Rescuers at New York Bully Crew immediately went into action. His eyes are swollen and filled with pus. I am not sure if his eyes can be saved. First he had an initials transfusion. His leg was destroyed and the wound was rotting and necrotic. It was literally eating his bone. We are told by his doctors that the infection is so critical, the foul odor has assaulted the entire treatment are in the hospital.

He had that emergency amputation surgery to save his life. It was crucial because the infected flesh had become septic. He is also heartworm positive but again, he can not wait for treatment because his life is threatened by this infection. Miller also has scabies. To think of the horrors this young boy has faced at such a young age is heartbreaking. Please help us get Miller the lifesaving medical care he needs to survive.

This type of care will cost many thousands of dollars and that type of funds is simply something New York Bully Crew does not have! We are here to help. I created a custom tote with a drawing of Miller to sponsor his vet bills. Please consider purchasing something below to help.

UPDATE 7-29-19: Each day Miller is a little bit stronger thanks to his amazing foster family @pkharveyfosters. New York Bully Crew will do everything to help Miller overcome the horror he has lived. Please help us continue give Miller the medical care he needs to overcome his heartworm status and surgery recovery.

This tote comes in two sizes. Everyday tote measures 16" x 14.5" and the Shopper Tote measures 15" x 15" with 5" depth.

This product delivers a $4.00 donation with every purchase.
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