Perkins: Adopted, starved and then dumped

Perkins: Adopted, starved and then dumped

How do you walk into a shelter with this puppy in this condition and say “I want to give him back” like a broken toy after Christmas?!? This sweet puppy was adopted from the shelter in November and returned yesterday!  Not only was he returned, but they also said he has been in this condition for 2 months! This baby weighs only 9 pounds and he is 5 months old.

Perkins, as he is now called, is now in the care of Dallas DogRRR and arrived last night to the ER. He weighs barely 9 pounds; he is just skin and bones. These pictures do not even show how skinny he is! His bones are sticking out under his skin, his muscle tone is gone and he wobbles when he tries to stand. He is super weak and his temp was 100, higher than at the shelter but still on the low end.

His sodium is off the charts, meaning that this sweet baby had NOT been provided water for a long time. Dallas, Texas has had rain for 5 days so what makes this story worse is that they did not just throw little Perkins outside and ignore him. He was kept inside a home where every day the family had to walk by and look at Perkins and every day they looked him get worse and worse. They made a CHOICE to NOT feed or give him water! They made a conscious choice to watch him starve.

Perkins was STARVED, he was neglected, his eyes were so INFECTED they were covered in slimy discharge! It does not take much to provide food and water! Rescuers at Dallas DogRRR say this is the worst case of cruelty they have seen in three years! They are so angry! We are so angry! This was a dog the family chose to adopt in November only to bring him back to the shelter because after they choose to starve him and no longer wanted him.

Perkins is staying with Patti, the founder of Dallas Dog RRR and getting around the clock care from their specialty clinic. He is finally standing up and started walking. His eyes are still very damaged and his journey has just begun. We are pleading for your help.

Perkins has a long road ahead. He will remain hospitalized until he is strong enough to go home. The critical part is we need to gets his sodium down slow and steady. If it comes down too fast it can kill him.

Dallas DogRRR and Perkins need your help. We have to all stand with Perkins to show him the love that he has never ever felt. We must not let the actions of his so called "owners" determine his fate. 

UPDATE 2-23-19: We have an update on Perkins animal abuse case. His rescuers are working directly with Police. We cannot discuss specifics yet but charges are going to be filed! This is huge! There is so much evidence in this case. The abusers are on tape demanding their money back from the shelter. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?

UPDATE 2-26-19: Perkins went to the eye specialist who said his eyes are starting to progress. The cornea is still damaged however he can see a bit they said it is like looking through frosted glass. He will likely have permanent damage. We have good news the case is continuing to move in the right direction fingers crossed. Once the information is made public we will update you fully! Right now we are still asking for your help! 

UPDATE 3-29-19: Perkins went from being dumped at a shelter by his abusers to now on his way to a new life. He has made a FULL RECOVERY! Authorities have released arrest warrants for the two people who allegedly abused tiny Perkins. They couple have fled their home and are on the run.

UPDATE 5-16-19: This couple were charged with allegedly abusing an animal after authorities issued arrest warrants. Now rescuers are pleading for your help. Just because the two alleged abusers were arrested and charged does not assure we will see them taken to court. There is still a chance they can be offered a plea at lesser charges instead of being taken to court.

Rescuers are now asking for your help in writing letters to the Tarrant County District Attorney's Office to take this case to court. Rescuers want these two alleged abusers to be charged to the fullest extent of the law. This will send a clear message to abusers that animal abuse will NOT be tolerated and will be charged!

Dallas Dog RRR is asking for you to write your letters to District Attorney Sharen Wilson asking that the alleged abusers being charged to the fullest extent and assure this case will be taken to court.When writing your letters please refrain from using any profanity and stay professional in your use of words and message. We are as frustrated as you are but we must stay focused and positive in our message.

Address your letters to ...
Tarrant County District Attorney's Office
District Attorney - Sharen Wilson 401 W Belknap Street
Fort Worth, TX 76012

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