Test: this is the worst case of abuse the world has ever seen

Test: this is the worst case of abuse the world has ever seen

For 2 weeks, Lucky Louie, only a 7 month-old-puppy, wandered the streets with deep cuts and lacerations covering his small body. It took 2 weeks for anyone to even notice and during these two weeks, Lucky Louie remained in excruciating pain.

A police officer on patrol thankfully spotted Lucky Louie. When found, he was unable to bear weight on his front side. The skin, which was split open and separated from his shoulder and tummy required emergency vet treatment.

J & Co Rescue pulled Lucky Louie from the euthanization list and immediately went to work. Surgery was the very first priority to tend to his open wounds.

All the red tissue you see in the photos is severely infected and had to be cut out prior to closing during surgery. He has staples from the top of his shoulder all the way through his groin area. The top of his penis had to be reconstructed.

We have partnered with J & Co Rescue to raise the funds needed to save Lucky Louie. With your purchases, you can play a huge part in saving Lucky Louie.

Lucky Louie has a long road to recovery from his severe wounds and surgery. He will also need to see an orthopedic surgeon in the coming days. While we do not yet know what exactly happened to Lucky Louie, we know it will take a village to save him.


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