Save Bella - Towel

Save Bella - Towel

Introducing our all new waffle towels! Hang printed here in Anaheim, CA, every towel helps sponsor Bella. On the day after Christmas, please pray for those that need us. Just because it makes us sad we will not ignore her suffering. Once again, New York Bully Crew encounter a case where the uneducated locals were trying to poison this poor female because of the disease she has contracted. The poison did not work, it only made her ill and she was left to die on the lonely streets of a remote town in Peru. This is until one brave women stepped in!

Local volunteer Karina was able to save Bella but she is in horrific condition. She has TVT cancer that has penetrated her nasal cavity and attacked her genitals. This is a disease that could be prevented by sterilization. But now she will need chemotherapy to try to cure her and rid her of this painful disease.

The good news is that Chemotherapy has proven extremely effective in curing these cases but we need you! Please consider sponsoring Bella’s emergency chemotherapy

Care instructions: Wash in cold water, dry on low, do not bleach.

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