Wine totes to help save over 30 animals from abuse case.

Wine totes to help save over 30 animals from abuse case.

Save Animals with these wine totes. Keep your wine protected and your champagne bottles cooled with these funny wine totes. These protective neoprene pouch easily fits a variety of wine and champagne bottles, it also include a cut out handle for easy carrying. Perfect gift for yourself and friends at parties, picnics and events and every bag saves animals in need.

Hand printed in Southern California. Made from Neoprene. Dimensions: 6-3/4" x 14-1/4".

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Over 30 dogs and cats confiscated of humane society property in Louisiana.

The Director of Pointe Coupee Parish Animal Services accepted custody of 37 dogs and five cats from the directors of the Catahoula Urban Tails (“CUT”), a humane society located in Jonesville, Louisiana. The poor condition of the animals and the filthy kennels they were forced to live in have caused an uproar on social media.

The animals had been housed in a warehouse that had been donated to CUT by the Town of Jonesville and used as a rescue and adoption center. Photos showed the animals living in filthy and squalid conditions with empty food and water bowls. There was no drainage system in the warehouse so the animal waste often accumulated in the kennels without being properly hosed out. The warehouse’s air-conditioning unit was not working and the outside thermometer affixed to the side of the warehouse registered 114 degrees the day that the animals were removed! And the water to the warehouse was routinely cut off due to the failure to pay the water bill. According to the Humane Society of Louisiana rarely have they seen so many animals kept in such poor conditions during its 32 years of operation. 

Another nonprofit, NovaStar, agreed to accept eight puppies from CUT, but only two arrived. They were informed that the other six puppies had died.

HSLA noticed that all the dogs were covered with feces and their clothes were soiled after carrying them to their van. All the animals were in very poor health and were severely malnourished and dehydrated. Two of the puppies tested positive for Parvo and died along with a third a few days after being rescued. Subsequent veterinary exams showed that the dogs were extremely dehydrated, infested with fleas, anemic, suffered from bloody diarrhea, internal parasites (a combination of round, hook, and/or whipworms). All of the dogs were emaciated, covered in sores and only one was fixed. Four of the five kittens were emaciated and two kittens had severe eye discharge. This horrendous lack of basic care occurred even though an emergency veterinary office is within walking distance of the warehouse where the animals were housed. 

HSLA has retained the services of a New Orleans law firm and has been accepting complaints and evidence from townspeople and rescue groups from around the country. The number of complaints is staggering and overwhelming. They will be forwarding the final report to multiple enforcement, regulatory, and licensing agencies and hopes that one or more will pursue criminal or civil charges.

UPDATE: I wish I had better news but this is the reality these animals are facing. No charges have been filed yet. The Humane Society has retained a law firm and are activity investigating all evidence to be turned over to multiple agencies. We pray they step in and files charges of abuse! Photos and video showing these poor animals living in feces, stagnant water and in 114 degree heat. Pointe Coupee Parish Animal Services department accepted custody of 39 dogs and cats, and three puppies have already died.... this is disgusting. I have a full report here and I hope you will help me. This has to stop!